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About The Trail

The North Bank Trail is a proposed 18-mile non-motorized, multipurpose pathway located generally along the former Grand Trunk Western Railroad right of way from Spring Lake to Marne, MI.  The North Bank will connect the east end of Lakeside Trail in the Village of Spring Lake to the southeast end of the existing Musketawa Trail, otherwise known as the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail. Ultimately, the North Bank serves as a regional link between the beaches of Lake Michigan and the Grand Rapids metro area.

The North Bank will provide connections to other regional trails including the Lakeside Trail in Spring Lake, the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail, the Musketawa Trail and the Spoonville Trail offering access to the south side of the Grand River where it meets up with the Grand River Explorers Trail. It will also link to local trails in Spring Lake Township and Ferrysburg offering a connection to US Bike Route 35 running along Michigan’s west coast from New Buffalo to Sault Saint Marie.


Trail Progress

Phase 1 of the proposed 18-mile non-motorized, multipurpose pathway was completed in October of 2011. Phase 2 construction begins Summer 2018.

Trail Map

The tri-cities of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg have become a crossroads for trail riders. You’ll find trails nearby and easy connections to other local trails.


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Trail Phases

The North Bank will serve as an important regional link in West Michigan.  As West Michigan’s culture shifts towards a more sustainable lifestyle, providing amenities such as trails enhance the quality of life, create economic activity, and reduce unnecessary motor vehicle usage, thus helping to promote cleaner air and provide healthier lifestyle opportunities. The expansion of regional trails, such as the North Bank Trail, draws tourists within greater Michigan, as well as from outside the state. The North Bank will serve the entire age spectrum, as well as a large sector of the physically disadvantaged population.


Phase 1:

Fruitport Road to 130th Avenue: Completed


Phase 2:

130th Avenue to 96th Avenue: Spring 2018


Phase 3:

96th Avenue to Coopersville.


Phase 4:

Coopersville to Musketawa Trail Connector.